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Furnace repair in Mount Pleasant

Do you think you might need your furnace repaired in the Mount Pleasant, SC area?  If so, the experts at Mt Pleasant Heating & Air HVAC are up to the task. Very often, furnace repairs will be more cost-effective than an entire furnace replacement.

Count on the furnace repair experts at Mt Pleasant Heating & Air to provide you with around-the-clock service for your residential or commercial heating systems. Our furnace technicians will repair any problem with your heating system accurately and quickly, and ensure it’s efficiently burning fuel to keep your bills as low as possible.

4 Signs That You Need Furnace Repair in Mount Pleasant

Below are some of the telltale signals our furnace specialists recommend to keep your eyes peeled for. Make sure to call us if you notice any of these symptoms of a faulty furnace:


  • Bad airflow throughout your home may spell a clogged air filter.
  • Frequent glitches in the thermostat may mean a dangerous loose wiring situation.
  • Old, broken-down-looking circuit breakers may be the culprit of power being cut to your furnace.
  • Sudden increases in your electricity bills may mean an inefficient furnace performance.


Features of our Furnace Repairs Service in Mount Pleasant

The furnace repair experts at Mt Pleasant Heating & Air will come to your house armed with the latest in furnace repair technology. We’re prepared any time, day or night, to be at your service should your furnace be giving you any trouble. With our immediate action and top of the line equipment, we’ll be able to fix any issues your furnace has, such as:


  • Faulty fan, coils, and a pilot light
  • Damaged blowers
  • Broken electrical connections
  • Congested air filters
  • Thermostat glitches


Benefits of Mt Pleasant Furnace Repair in Mount Pleasant

Backed by years of experience, our qualified, furnace repair professionals will share their knowledge with you according to your unique situation. Some of the key benefits to our furnace repair services are:


  • Improving your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating
  • Rejuvenating your furnace so it’s doesn’t pollute the environment as much
  • Increasing the comfort level in your home by generating heat at a patterned rate
  • Lowering the risk of any fluke fires or explosions


Call our professionals at Mt Pleasant Heating & Air today for all your furnace repair and heating repair needs in Mount Pleasant!