Ductless Mini-Splits

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Ductless Mini-Split

Interesting in getting the modern ductless mini-split ACs installed in your home? Consider hiring Mt Pleasant Heating and Air Conditioning to get the job done!

MT Pleasant Heating and Air Conditioning hire well-trained cooling specialists working around the clock to provide you with high-end ductless mini-split AC installation services. These AC systems have been very popular recently, with many small and enclosed spaces preferring their installation. Consider getting the ACs installed at affordable rates by the most experienced firm in town.

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Consider the following benefits of Ductless Mini-Split systems when considering the best HVAC solution for your homes:

  • Individualized cooling for each room
  • Highly suited to small spaces.
  • Have exceptional SEER and HSPF ratings for efficiency
  • Can reduce the electricity bill compared to HVAC systems.
  • Individual room requirements can be met perfectly.

Our simple and effective solutions can provide you with the most comfortable environment during summertime. The installation is easier and quicker than other systems as well. Contact us today to make the right selection.

Ductless Split Systems Offered by Mt Pleasant Heating and Air Conditioning

Usually, there are two separate units in such systems. The indoor unit handles the airflow, while the outdoor system has the cooling unit. During installation, the hole in the wall must be sealed properly to ensure no moisture enters or the coolness escapes from the rooms. The system is suitable in areas where the environment can vary daily, saving considerable energy costs.

How We Install The Ductless Mini-Split AC

Due to our considerable experience in the market, our team can offer you the best and quickest installation services. Generally, the following procedure is followed:

  • First, the mounting bracket is installed on the exterior wall to hold the AC’s outside unit in place.
  • The pilot hole is drilled through which the pipes are passed.
  • Fill size hole is born from the same place to ensure that everything can pass well.
  • The line set is run, and the evaporator is installed.
  • Once the evaporator is installed, the condenser must be mounted and attached from the outside.
  • The refrigerant lines are connected to ensure that both systems synchronize and work together.
  • Line sets are covered to maintain the aesthetic appeal and protect the system.

All processes are performed to ensure the best service quality for our customers. We ensure that nothing causes any damage to the unit itself.

Contact our team today to help select the best brand and ductless mini-split AC for your home’s requirements. We can offer complete services in minimal time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.