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Furnace repair

Don’t let your heating system leave you frozen this winter. Your Charleston HVAC Experts at High Quality Heating & Air Conditioning can help when you need furnace repair.

Furnace won’t heat? We’ve found you can often fix this problem on your own.

Try our simple troubleshooting list before contacting us.

4 Things to Check When Your Furnace is Malfunctioning

  • Thermostat settings. Make sure it’s switched to “heat.” Otherwise the thermostat won’t tell your furnace to start.
  • Furnace filter. A clogged filter can cause your furnace to overheat and turn off as a safeguard. It can also prevent it from producing and circulating heat.
  • Circuit breaker. Your furnace’s breaker may have tripped. Find it on your home’s electrical panel. Reset it if the breaker is in the middle or “off” position.
  • Furnace switch. Your furnace has a switch on or near it that resembles a normal light switch. It should be in the “up” or “on” position. If it was turned off, give your furnace a few minutes to begin running.

Furnace Repairs


At High Quality Heating & Air, our professional Charleston furnace repair contractors will clean and inspect your furnace, make sure it is in good working order, and will also recommend any parts that will need to be serviced or replaced in the near future. If you are looking for a new furnace or a furnace replacement we can also help you with that. While it is important to choose a brand with a history of quality, performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction – the brand itself is not as important as the installation of the furnace. For professional installation and furnace repair, you can always rely on the professional heating contractors at High Quality Heating & Air. Heat pump air handler is similar to a gas Furnace they both supply Heat.

A furnace is a device found in the home used for heating. There are several types of furnaces available. A central heating device is found in most homes and distributes warm air throughout the house, heating it. If you are in need of furnace repairs in Charleston or any type of heating repair for that matter, please feel free to contact our licensed HVAC contractor in Charleston today!

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