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Published: September 26, 2021

Heating System Tips for Winter

Winter is about to arrive and you may be worried about the increasing energy bills. If you are also worried about the approaching winter season, keep reading this article to know about the energy-saving heating tips that will help you in keeping the energy bills as low as possible.  

Save money by reducing your set temperature

According to the US Department of Energy, you can consider reducing your energy bill by decreasing the temperature of your room up to 15 degrees. Normally, during the daytime, the temperature is already high outside due to the sun. So, the temperature inside is quite bearable. In this way, you can save up to 10% on your heating costs. 

Use thermostat 

During the pandemic, most people are bound to follow the stay-at-home orders. At this stage, they cannot afford to set the temperature low. If you are also facing the same situation but still want to reduce your energy bills, making minor temperature adjustments can be a helpful option. The benefit of investing in a programmable thermostat is that it allows you to track all the energy changes. Make home decorations that support a warm environment

It is no secret that you have to start decorating your home at the beginning of the winter season. It will not only enhance the overall beauty of your home but also allow you to maintain a warmer environment. For this purpose, you can buy fluffy blankets and rugs for the floor and high-quality insulated curtains for windows. You can also buy warm flannel bed sheets for your bed. 

Do not block the light

The sun is not only a great way of light but it also supplies heat. So the windows that face the sun should be open. It is a 100% free way of keeping your home warm. 

Switch on your ceiling fan

It may seem quite confusing to use your ceiling fan during the Winter. Remember that your ceiling fan has the reverse setting in which it supports the movement of warm air around your room. In simple words, your fan runs counterclockwise during the summer but if you allow it to move in the clockwise direction during the winter, the warm air that was rising above the ceiling will start coming down. Here it is worth mentioning that even if your fan is moving in the reverse direction, the very high speed of the fan will give a cooling effect. so it is highly advised to keep your fan on the low setting. 

Still, Facing Trouble? Schedule Annual Maintenance For your Heating System!!

Sometimes you follow all the tips but still, you do not see any considerable reduction in your energy bills. In such a situation, you should understand that there may be some kind of malfunctioning or technical problems with your heating system. Even the small minor issues can cause a spike in your energy bills. Here comes the role of annual maintenance into the picture which is the most authentic, comfortable, and cost-effective way to ensure the reduction in your energy bills. It is worth mentioning that simple repairs can bring your home to the optimum temperature. However, if your furnace is totally out of order or is very old it is better to upgrade it first.

Reduce Your Heating System Energy Bill

 If you are also trying your best to reduce the energy bills you should take professional help from Mt Pleasant Heating And Air Conditioning Services who are providing the services in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area. They have a specialized team of expert and experienced technicians who will guide you from scratch and examine your heating system in detail, and tell whether you need simple repairs or the complete replacement of your heating system, especially the furnace. Moreover, they will also guide you on where you can purchase the new furnace at the most affordable rates. Call them today or visit their official website to get an appointment. 


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